Terms & Conditions

To honor those who serve our country or have served our country, we want to show our appreciation by offering a 10% discount on all our Pedal Steel Guitar models.


When ordering a model not in stock or a special order we require 15% of the total cost down before we start to build your pedal steel. Should you decide in the first 30 days you have changed your mind and don’t want us to build you a pedal steel, we will refund your 15%. After 30 days the down payment will be applied toward the balance and is non-refundable. Should you decide you don’t want us to build you a pedal steel after the 30 days you will forfeit the deposit.

Special Orders:

Due to demands and back orders we are extending our delivery time on custom model guitars to 15 months from time to order. This will allow us to get our production line back up on our standard models. We value your business and want to be able to give you the customer what you want in a timely manner without any delays.


A 35% restocking fee will be charged for any new pedal steel requested to be returned within the first 30 days. No returns will be accepted after the first 30 days of receiving your new pedal steel. If you are dissatisfied with your new pedal steel after 30 days we will post the guitar on the website and try to sell it for you. After 30 days all sales are final. Return orders being accepted will be contingient on the condition of the pedal steel. If the pedal steel has not been damaged and looks like new, within the 30 days, we will refund the remaining amount after the 35% restocking fee has been deducted.


Copedant changes, or modifications will be done at the price of $40.00 an hour. This includes changes to any stock models or specials currently running.

Serving the Steel Guitar Community Since 1969

At Beck Musical Instruments we strive to serve the pedal steel community and our customers with honesty, integrity and solid, hand built, quality instruments.

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