Self Maintnence

If you can’t get your pedal steel guitar to stay in tune follow these guide lines. Remember, when you change strings it can take a couple of days of playing for the strings to settle in. If you experience problems with the strings not returning back to pitch when they are raised or lowered follow these procedures:

Step #1 Adjust the Nylon Tuner.

A. Back Off the Nylon Tuner for that string.

A. Back Off the Nylon Tuner for that string.

Loosen the Nylon Tuner.

B. Back Off the 10-32 Travel Adjustment screw on the crossbar.

Down towards the botton of the picture you will see the 10-32 Travel screw that allows for you to adjust how much travel there is in the crossbar.

Loosen the Nylon Tuner.
1. Re-tune Open String
2. Re-tune Pedals & Knees

Step #2 If it still will not stay in tune:

Check the springs on the tone changer.

If while raising the pitch of the string, the spring pulls away from stop ( flat metal piece under the spring) Adjust spring tension by cutting out link and re-bend. The reason for this is because there is not enough tension to hold the tone changer back against the stop. The tone changer must touch the stop. If you can’t do this, springs are available from the Factory.

Step #3 Rod Placement

Sometimes when changes are made to your copedant, pull-rods can be placed in the wrong positions on the rod pullers or bell cranks as referred to by some companies. When this happens, you can experience stiffness in the pedals and or knees’ action, as well as, detuning because there is not the proper amount of travel.
Remember the higher the number on the Rod Puller the stiffer the action and the farther the pull. For optimum response from your pedal and knee action follow these suggested Factory Settings regarding Rod Placement: