Professional Audio Installation Co.

Bert Dyer (Owner)

Welcome to PAICO’s website extension on BMI’s website.  We are proud to be working with Dan Burnham of BMI to offer Steel Guitar Players alternatives to conventional accoustic sound and design applications for pedal steel guitar.

Professional Audio Installation Company (PAICO) was founded in 1978 with the philosophy of providing state of the art, excellent value sound reinforcement systems to all of our customers. Now a regional company with installations in nine states, owner Bert Dyer has continued this philosophy while expanding the company’s services to also include video projection, acoustic treatment, lighting systems and audio/visual control systems. Using the latest technological tools and equipment, we always provide engineered systems that meet and exceed the needs of our customers while still providing excellent value.

Our 5550 square foot facility located just west of Martin provides space for a demo room, office area and manufacturing facility where we custom manufacture equipment housing consoles, A/V lecterns and speaker enclosures. We believe that the combination of our design engineering and equipment housing manufacturing puts us at the forefront of sound, lighting and video system integration companies. We don’t take off the shelf components or a collection of parts and adapt them to each job. All of our systems are custom designed, uniquely engineered and tightly integrated into your facility to provide good looks and excellent performance without breaking your budget. We give you custom work without the custom price.

Our staff has a combined work experience of over 35 years. We continuously train on the latest technological tools to be able to provide our customers with the best system performance and results.

Excellent, high quality sound

We use current state of the art design tools that allow us to install a complete, high quality sound reinforcement that sounds good, is understandable and provides even coverage of all seating areas.

When possible, and without sacrificing any sound quality, we incorporate the speaker design into the building structure for an unobtrusive, built in look.

Customized, professional look

Our custom woodworking shop allows us to blend all sound equipment and enclosures with the decor of the sanctuary. This gives you a customized, built in look that makes the electronic equipment seem right at home in the sanctuary.

Speakers and equipment mounting consoles always fit with the sanctuary design, and locking covers provide security for all equipment.

One stop shop

We also provide video projection systems, production lighting and control and acoustic treatment. Our one company can take care of your audio, video and lighting needs.

• Two Box System Designed Specifically
for Steel Guitar Players Requiring High
Output Level
• Dual Component and Angle Design
Provides Main and Monitor Sound
• High Quality, High Output Performance
in a Very Compact Package
• Dual Box, Mirror Image Design Allows
Stereo Playback is Desired.

CS1012A Stage Series Speaker System $899.00 (Pair)


Frequency Response: 54-5,000 Hz
Long-Term Average
Power Handling:
Capacity per EIA standard
RS-426-A: 500 watts RMS
(each cabinet)
Sound Pressure Level: 98/97 dB at 1 meter, 1 watt input, average output across useable frequency range
Dispersion: 10″ monitor speaker
positioned 90° relative to
12″ main speaker
Impedance: 8.0 ohms nominal, each section
System Type: Two-section, ported box
instrument loudspeaker
system with 1 – 10″ and 1 – 12″
speaker component.


The PAICO ST1012A loudspeaker system is a two section, two box custom designed and assembled system that provides main and monitor sound from each very compact enclosure. Each enclosure features one 10″ and one 12″ speaker component. The 12″ speaker component is aimed forward for crowd coverage and the 10″ speaker component is mounted on the side at an angle and aimed toward the player for monitoring. The enclosures are constructed of 5/8″ 9 ply plywood for a solid yet lightweight box.

The enclosure has two different side angles allowingfor near or far placement. Each ST1012A is custom manufactured and covered with Foss speaker covering. A top mounted handle mounted over the cabinet center of gravity makes carrying the enclosure easy. Metal corners provide additional protection and durability. The speaker sections are covered with a grillcloth covered frame. The intended use of the ST1012A is in large venues and concert settings where maximum level is needed for steel guitar amplification.  This enclosure set provides excellent, high quality high output performance in a very compact, cost effective package.

Two twenty foot speaker cables are included with each speaker set.